Unity VR Game: Canary

Team-based VR game project created using Unity in my Master of Entertainment Technology Coursework, Building Virtual World (BVW).

Ever wondered how it feels like to be a canary trapped in a cage? Insignificant isn’t it. Fear not, we are giving you a chance to play an important part in changing others life despite being a trapped canary.

Feel free to watch the run through of the game play

Contribution to the game

This game is created using Unity in a team of 5 comprising of 2 programmers, 2 artists and 1 sound designer in two weeks. I was one of the programmers working on on the logic throughout the gameplay, timeline in story telling and minor VR enhancements.

This is the second time I worked on VR game but definitely the first time working on VR remotely. Despite making changes to the codebase, it is highly dependent on the other programmer with the VR headset to test it out. VR aside, this project definitely broadens my perspective on how effective unity is in making immersive games.

Technical challenges aside, we put in a lot of effort to ensure player can really feel like a canary. Many discussions also revolve around in making the storyline as realistic as possible. There isn’t much gameplay here but we believe we provided the guest an immersive experience to feel like a canary. The guest has the ability to flap the wings vertically to fly or flap the wings horizontally to generate wind in a given direction.

Starting feels of the game

Starting scene trapped with the woman
Canary wings
Top view of woman after flying

Gameplay run-through

As the canary, you are being neglected by the landlord as he opens the trapdoor to put his money. Hence, you decided to help the woman owner by playing the sounds to open the trapdoor. Upon opening of the trapdoor, the woman is grateful and decided to bring you along with her.

Note: the sound effects explains everything!

Gameplay ending

The Celebration

You have helped the poor woman escape and at the same time, you have gained freedom yourself! Fly high and far 🙂

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the game mechanism! 🙂

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