Trip Planner Web Application

Having trouble planning a trip together with your friends? Fear not, because we got you covered with our trip planner web app where you can add activities, itineraries, comments, likes and many more. This makes planning trips so effortless.

Trip planner web app home page
Generic landing page for users to start planning a trip together


This is the basic layout of the website. Users will get to select the country he or she is traveling to, the month and the number of days.

Other Features

Users can select the format they want to use to plan their itinerary for the trip.
Trip planner itinerary
Trip planner add day activities
Different users can also interact with the itineraries through comments or likes
Sample trip planner activities
Sample view of how activities look like in the plan.
Trip planner comments function
Users can add comments to each other's itinerary while planning.
Trip planning polling function
Users can like certain activities they prefer more than others.

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